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    VCNY Home provides high-quality solutions to the bedding, drapes and curtains markets.

    With VCNY Home, we deliver the most current textile trends from an array of leading brands curated by our highly skilled team of professional designers, color experts, merchants and technicians. As a strategic business partner in developing our bedding, drapes or curtains, we require excellent production proficiencies and the ability to work with us on price formulas and mutual profit agreements. We are committed to transparency, partnership, cooperation, reliability, credibility, and verified quality.


    VCNY Home is dedicated to fulfilling orders and delivering payment in a timely manner. All suppliers are verified through a renowned authentication process.

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  • Sustainability

    We take great pride in making sustainability a priority.

    see reports from previous years below.

  • Reports

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    VCNY Home 2010 Sustainability Report
    VCNY Home 2011 Sustainability Report
    VCNY Home 2012 Sustainability Report
    VCNY Home 2013 Sustainability Report
    VCNY Home 2014 Sustainability Report
    VCNY Home 2015 Sustainability Report
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