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National Cuddle Up Day!

jelli mac

Gala Quilt Set

I just recently got a new quilt over the holidays that makes my perfect cold weather blanket ratio (which is flat sheet, flat sheet, fleece blanket, fleece blanket, blanket scarf/comforter as a bed scarf) even more cuddly then before. I’ve never owned a quilt before, so I immediately pulled out my favorite winter sheet and added my new quilt to the bed and every night since then has be the most snuggly, warm night’s rest ever.

Since today is Cuddle Up Day, all I’m craving is crawling back into bed and reading a good book…oh who am I kidding? I treat myself to some online retail therapy with a nice large cup of tea followed by a nap. Below is what a few other VCNY Home employees would like to be doing today for cuddle day:

Animal Print Faux Fur Throw

My puppy Khloe and I snuggle up under my Animal Print Faux Fur Throw and eat potato chips together while watching movies with dogs in them because that’s the only types of movies she likes. – Ella

I like to get cozy in comfy lounge clothes, put a chick flick on and paint my nails when I have the time to pamper myself. – Lexi

I use my throw when I read my book but when it’s very cold or I am feeling sick, I use it to watch a movie. – Robert

I am always on the go, but if I could, I would like to cuddle up under my throw and light candles while I watch my favorite shows. It makes me feel comfy and cozy. – Courters

Sandra Throw

I recently purchased our Sandra Throw a few weeks ago. Now that it’s finally feeling like a NJ winter, I was able to put it to good use! I love to cuddle up under my throw on the couch and play The Sims 4. It’s a nice comfy escape from a long work week. – Marianne​


I love the classic Netflix and chill with a glass of wine and

someone special. - Lenny


I use my favorite throws for everything. Mostly, I like to use them on the couch to cuddle up and read a book or watch TV, but I also use them layered as a comforter. Sometimes with the really nice ones, I use as table cloths, or make them into curtains. – Nikki

I like to make a blanket fort for my cat. It takes about 2 minutes for her to destroy it! Then she kneads the pillows and blankets until she is content and takes a ‘cat nap’. – Helga​

What is everyone else doing for Cuddle Up Day? Let us know in the comments below!

Gala Quilt Set, Animal Print Faux Fur Throw, & Sandra Throw available at major retailers.

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