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Fort-ify Your Home


Remember the thrill of playing pretend in a blanket fort as a child? It was cozy, fun and it’s not quite a lost art. We all get a touch of nostalgia sometimes and we should tune into our inner child from time to time. I’m here today to remind you that blanket forts CAN still be an engaging activity for adults.

For adults with children, building a blanket fort is definitely a great family-friendly bonding activity. However, building a blanket fort can also be an enjoyable, quirky date night activity! Imagine being holed up together in close intimate quarters after completing the hands-on activity of constructing a fort together. It can be a different spin on the old ‘Netflix and Chill’. If you are single or simply looking to spend some quality me-time, a blanket fort is the perfect retreat. There is a certain meditative pleasure in building the fort, and of course it becomes your own personal safe haven. Add in plenty of snacks, books, and the omnipresent internet and you’ve got everything you need. Indulge your inner introspect and whenever you get lonely, feel free to invite some friends for company!

In case you’re rusty, here’s an easy how-to guide for constructing your blanket fort to refresh your memory.

For basic materials, you’ll need lots of fabric like blankets, sheets, quilts, towels, pillows, maybe some clothespins and tape or string. King and Queen Size sheets are best because the more material you have to work with, the better. Fitted mattress sheets can be a bonus because the elastic material allows more flexibility. In addition, you’ll obviously need a room to spread out in with some tables and chairs to start a secure base!

Before beginning your fort, you should make sure to clear the area of any breakable valuable objects. Whether you’re constructing your fort with the kids or by yourself, things are bound to spread out and get messy so plan ahead. You are a responsible and mature adult, who happens to be building a blanket fort. So what? Go ahead and be responsible: rearrange that delicate lamp and remove that glass vase. Your future self will thank you for it later.

Building a secure base is the first and foremost step of a blanket fort. Everyday home pieces such as your bed frame, tables and chairs, couches, would be a great base. Unfold your sheet or blanket, start with the corners and edges, drape over your base furniture piece, and secure with tape or ties.

Once you’ve securely anchored your fabric to your base, it is just a matter of connecting more fabrics to more bases, so for example hang a blanket from the back of a chair to the edge of a table. If you need lots of fabric to hang between wider spaces, you can clothespin sheets together, or use some safety pins. You’re a responsible adult, remember? You don’t need parent’s permission; unless it’s in their house, which in that case, throw them a heads up. There is really no wrong or right way to build a fort as long as it works. It is all about using your textiles to isolate and create space, so feel free to get as extensive as you want! As long as you’ve got a few pieces of furniture and some blankets or sheets, the creative possibilities for expanding your blanket fort are endless!

Lastly, no fort is complete without the proper survival supplies. Fill your blanket fort with plenty of pillows, sleeping bags, and snacks! For the kids, gather together flashlights, stuffed animals, and board games. For the grownups, you can hole up with a laptop, a book, and some wine. For me personally, I collect together all of the above because I merge my inner child as part of my adulthood in that you’re never too old to enjoy a blanket fort!

Are you a "grown-up" that still makes blanket forts? Let us know in the comments below! We'd love to see all the epic forts you've built too, so don't forget the photos!

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