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April Showers Bring May Flowers

jelli mac

Mother Nature seems to be a bit behind on the calendar with the rain. If you don’t live in the NYC area, it has been raining off and on for the past week, but I hear it’s basically like this everywhere state side. However, the late “April showers” have not dampened my mood for the anticipation of beautiful spring weather and blossoms.

Since outside insists on being dreary, I guess we have to make our own spring at home. While looking for some new inspo to share on our Pinterest trend board “Meadow”, a board filled with vegetal and floral imagery, I stumbled across a few really cute idea that range from simple to OMG THAT IS SO COOL to help bring some of spring indoors.

First, two different styles of DIY blooming monograms from LuLu’s and NoBiggie. Both of these DIY monograms need the same items; cardboard, some fake flowers, a glue gun and a little bit of creativity. These two different styles work on their own or can look great mixed together. Really tempted to make a mini one for my desk but the next DIY idea is probably more practical.

Next for us office drones, Rachel at The Crafted Life has a quick and easy DIY mouse pad. Grab a floral fabric you love, a round cork board or two, some fabric mod podge, slap it all together and you’ve got a beautiful new mouse pad that will make sitting at your desk for way too many hours a little bit more cheerful. Now if only we all had as cute of a desk as Rachel’s.

Audrey at Oh So Lovely had a bright and sunny idea for where to hold your fresh cut flowers. I am a sucker for using found jars for any flowers I have on display, fresh cut or fake, and I’ve always loved this enameled glass look. Who knew it would be this easy! Finding a jar actually seems like the hard part with this DIY. Basically, after you have secured your jar, all you’re going to need to doing is pour the enamel paint into the jar, keep turning it to make sure the inside is evenly coated and pour out the remaining paint and wait for it to dry. Simple!

If you currently holding your master in DIY then this hedge maze rug from MAKE: is just the thing for you. I still can’t get over how cool this looks! I always associate hedge mazes with spring. Probably something to do with the day dreamer in me is thinking about getting lost in a hedge maze on a nice spring day with someone that I like. The birds chirping softly, the soft smell of flowers in the day…*sigh*. If you’re a day dreamer like me, then this rug will go perfectly in a bright, botanical decorated room, or can even work nicely as a door mat if your décor has an airy and earthy feeling.

Finally if you’re not into the DIY thing, no problem, I got you. Target recently launched a new collection called Seedling by ThomasPaul that will bring a spring vibe to your bedroom and bathroom. The three collections, Botanica, Aviary and Curiosities, feature vibrant tropical flowers, gorgeous floral silhouettes, vibrant butterfly, engaging textured finish, a rich color palette and modern floral prints that will for sure get your mind off the dismal weather outside.

I can’t wait to do all of these! The maze rug is probably a bit out of my league, but a smaller one could probably happen…probably not, but we’ll see. If you try any of these out, let us know! Make sure to tag #VCNYHome and your creation could be a featured post on our social media pages!

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